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#Know your herb - Hawthorn

Want to know more about chinese herbs? Introducing our very own knowing your herb 101 series! Each week we will introduce a Chinese Medicine herb!

Dry hawthorn slices
Dry hawthorn slices

Hawthorn (also known as 山楂) is a type of berry, well known for aiding in digestion, especially after a heavy meal of meat and oily food. It can also improve blood circulation. Best of all, hawthorn can help in reducing blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

So watch out, diabetes!

Hawthorn berries on a tree
Fresh Hawthorn

Tip: You can add roselle (洛神花) into the tea to increase its digestive properties. It will taste like Ribena too!

Ate too much at a Korean BBQ restaurant or Japanese shabu-shabu joint? You can make your very own hawthorn tea!

Steps: 1. Wash clean about 50g of dried hawthorn slices 2. Boil for 15 mins until the smell of the hawthorn sourness is detectable 3. Enjoy the tea!

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