Tai Ji Medicated Moxa Roll is a traditional chinese packed mugwort moxa rolls that can be used for indirect moxa heat treatment. Includes ingredients from other chinese medicinal herbs: ginger, cassia and radix angelicae dahuricae. It can be used to warm the meridians, enhance qi and blood circulation, and relieve joint and chronic pain. 


  • 10rolls/Box
  • Dimensions: Diameter 1.8cm, Length 20cm
  • Weight: 310g



  • 10 条/盒
  • 直径 1.8cm, 长度 20cm
  • 重量:310g

Tai Ji Medicated Moxa Roll 太极药艾灸条


Ignite one end of the moxa stick and hold the moxa stick at about 5cm above the acupoint. Gently swirl or move it up and down until the skin appears red. Allow the area to cool off before repeating the treatment.