Limited edition creative TCM cupping-themed embroidered patch that can be pasted on any surface - clothes, bag, table, laptop and so on!

There are 3 ways of sticking it on:

1. Paste it! There is a sticky glue patch attached to the back of the embroidered patch. Just remove the clear plastic sheet and paste it on any desired surface.

2. Iron it! If you intend to secure it to material that needs to be washed regularly, such as clothing, cap, bag, use an hot iron and iron it onto the surface.

3. Pin it! You can unleash your creativity and attach a pin to the embroidered patch to create a brooch. 

TCM Cupping Embroidered Patch 拔罐祛邪贴

S$10.00 Regular Price
S$8.00Sale Price

8.3cm x 6.23cm