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Admiralty Medical Centre Chinese Medicine Public Talk Series

February 26, 2019

Organisers/主办机构: Admiralty Medical Centre

Area of focus: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, TCM Gastroenterology, Stroke Rehabilitation. 


Open to: Public

Date/日期: 9th March - 8th June 2019 / 3月9日 - 6月8日


Time/时间: 10.30am - 12.00pm

Venue/ 地点: Admiralty Medical Centre, Level 4, Learning Centre, Room 3 海军部医疗中心,4楼,3号房676 Woodlands Drive 71, Kampung Admiralty, Singapore 730676 (Map)

Medium: English and Chinese (中文)

Fees/收费: Free 免费


Speaker/ 主讲者: 


Ms Amanda Chua 蔡惠峙医师
AdMC / KTPH Acupuncturist

海军部医疗中心 / 邱德拔医院针灸师


Ms Melissa Ong 王稚琳医师
AdMC / KTPH Acupuncturist
海军部医疗中心 / 邱德拔医院针灸师


Overview/ 内容: 


9 March 2019

Acupuncture as it relates to Digestion (English) - by Ms Melissa Ong
针灸与脾胃系统 (英文)- 王稚琳医师主讲


13 April 2019
The Role of Chinese Medicine in Managing Diabetes (Mandarin) - by Ms Amanda Chua
中医防治糖尿病 (中文)- 蔡惠峙医师主讲


11 May 2019
Acupuncture for Lower Back & Knee Pain (English) - by Ms Amanda Chua
针灸治疗腰痛/膝关节痛 (英文)- 蔡惠峙医师主讲


8 June 2019
Acupuncture & Post Stroke Rehabilitation (Mandarin) - by Ms Melissa Ong
针灸对于中风后遗症的治疗(中文)- 王稚琳医师主讲


To register: click here!

For more infomation, please call Admiralty Medical Centre at 66023388


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