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Boosting Beauty With TCM

March 28, 2019

Keen to achieve beautiful smooth and glowing skin on your face like those enviable Korean moviestars? Keen to find out how the TCM approach helps our skin achieve a lifting and tightening effect,as well as lymphatic drainage for overall detoxification, including our internal organs? Facial Gua Shahas also been reported by many holistic therapists as being effective in relieving nearly every skin condition from rosacea to dryness and adult acne. By moving lymph, which carries away toxins or in this case, blackheads and stimulating our chi or prana, we are able to not only boost the circulation of blood flow around our facial contours, but also allow deep therapeutic healing of our parasympathetic nervous system. Let our experienced TCM physician Dr Becky Chen guide you on the simple and effective way of achieving great skin with minimal effort at this hands-on and interactive workshop.


Special bonus! Enjoy a complimentary set of specialized facial Gua Sha tools per participant to try out during the workshop and bring home! 


什么是中医美容? 中医美容有哪些方法?如何让中医美容介入你的生活中?想学习如何自己


Open to: Public

Date: 13th April 2019


Time: 1pm - 3pm

Venue/ 地点: ​Mahota Commune – Activity Studio, 809 French Road Level 3, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809 (Map)

Mode of course: Talk

Medium: Mandarin


Fees: S$38 (incl. a complimentary set of specialized facial Gua Sha tools)


Speaker Profile:


陈蓓琪 博士,新加坡注册中医师、针灸师;新加坡中华针灸研究院副院长,2012年获得南京

Dr. Chen Bei Qi, Registered TCM physician/acupuncturist; she is a Vice-Director at Chinese
Acupuncture Research Institution; she graduated with a PhD in Hepatology from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in 2012. Dr Chen was a lecturer with Science Arts and Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she was a physician and clinical instructor at NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic. Her area of expertise include liver and gall bladder diseases, gynaecology, paediatrics, pain-management, eye diseases and weight management through acupuncture.


To register, click here!

For more information, please call Mahota commune @ 6299 6809


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