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颈肩综合征的中医临床综合治疗 Clinical treatment of neck and shoulder syndrome by TCM

March 14, 2019


Organisers/主办机构: 新加坡中医药促进会 / Association for Promoting Chinese Medicine

Area of focus: Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM Pain Management


Open to: TCM physicians only/ 只限中医师

Date/日期: 7th April 2019 / 2019年4月7日


Time/时间: 3.00pm - 6.15pm

Venue/ 地点: 62 Burn Rd #05-01 Singapore 369976 (Map)

Mode of course: Lesson

Medium: English and Chinese (中文)

Fees/收费: Member: $30/ Non-member: $45


CPE points/ 继续教育学分: 3 分


Speaker/ 主讲者: 


Dr Pang Kong Choi (潘广斋博士)

Medical PhD, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
Master of Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
PhD in Neuroscience, University of London

Main fields of practice:
Strokes, Bell's Spasm, Arthralgia-Syndrome, Waist-Thigh pain, Cervical Syndrome, Sternocostal Pains, Migraine, Knee-ankle pains, Sport Injuries, Elbow Pains, Nasosinusitis, Vertigo, Herpes, Female Infertility, Tumors.


中医骨伤科, 中风后遗症, 面瘫, 痹症, 腰腿痛, 颈肩综合症, 胸肋痛, 偏头痛, 膝踝关节痛, 扭伤跌伤运动受伤, 肘带 (网球肘, 高尔夫球肘), 鼻窦炎, 内耳眩晕, 带状疱疹(蛇丹), 不孕症, 肿瘤.


Overview/ 内容: 




The cause and symptoms of neck and shoulder syndrome. Clinical diagnosis and methods of treatment such as acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, oral medication and local hot compress. The criteria of selection of acu-points for acupuncture and blood lancing thru cupping.


To register, please call Mr Steven Cheng at 9653 1238


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