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Good Food & Exercise the TCM Way

April 28, 2019

Did you know that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to health is based on a multidimensional body-mind-spirit system deeply rooted in natural law? Everything is about the flowof energy and the aim is to achieve natural harmony or cooperation within the organs. To prevent health problems, we need to pay great attention to we are taking in—not just on the physical level, but also on the mind level.

Since TCM believes that prevention is the best cure, many ‘treatments’ focus on restoring the body’s balance and harmony as opposed to healing only symptoms or after an illness has already occurred. What and when you eat, what time you sleep, whether you keep active and what ‘high risk’ factors to focus on are all important areas in health management. Keen to discover how adopting the right nutrition and lifestyle habits will help improve our health?


Join our TCM physician Becky Chen at this upcoming workshop conducted in Mandarin to find out more.


Psst, enjoy fabulous goodie bags for all participants too!


Open to: Public

Date: 11th May 2019


Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm

Venue/ 地点: ​Mahota Commune – Activity Studio, 809 French Road Level 3, Kitchener Complex, Singapore 200809 (Map)

Mode of course: Talk

Medium: Mandarin


Fees: S$15 (inclusive of a free goodie bag)


Speaker Profile:


陈蓓琪 博士,新加坡注册中医师、针灸师;新加坡中华针灸研究院副院长,2012年获得南京

Dr. Chen Bei Qi, Registered TCM physician/acupuncturist; she is a Vice-Director at Chinese
Acupuncture Research Institution; she graduated with a PhD in Hepatology from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in 2012. Dr Chen was a lecturer with Science Arts and Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she was a physician and clinical instructor at NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic. Her area of expertise include liver and gall bladder diseases, gynaecology, paediatrics, pain-management, eye diseases and weight management through acupuncture.


To register, click here!

For more information, please call Mahota commune @ 6299 6809


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