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July 17, 2019

Organisers/主办机构: World Manipulative Medicine Association/ 世界手法医学会 (新加坡)

Area of focus: Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM Pain Management


Open to: TCM Physicians/ 中医师

Date/日期: 14th - 31st August 2019 / 8月14日 - 31日


Time/时间: 7:30 - 9:30pm

Venue/ 地点: Blk 334 Kreta Ayer Road #02-06 S080334

Mode of course: Lesson

Medium: Chinese (中文)

Fees/收费: 6 Lessons $240/- (Member 10% discount)


CPE points/ 继续教育学分: 每讲2分


Speaker/ 主讲者: 陈国全 医师



14/08/19 1930hr-2130hr 膝关节交叉韧带损伤与创伤性滑膜炎的诊断及治疗(上)
17/08/19 1930hr-2130hr 膝关节交叉韧带损伤与创伤性 滑膜炎的诊断及治疗(下)
21/08/19 1930hr-2130hr 膝关节侧副韧带半月板损伤的诊断及 治疗(上)
24/08/19 1930hr-2130hr 膝关节侧副韧带半月板损伤的诊断及 治疗(下)
28/08/19 1930-2130hr 跟痛症与踝关节扭伤的诊断及治疗(上)
31/08/19 1930-2130hr 跟痛症与踝关节扭伤的诊断及治疗(下)


To register: please call World Manipulative Medicine Association at 6260 0265/ 8307 0662




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September 21, 2020

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