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Started in Jan 2013, TCM CPE (also known as Continuing Professional Education) is a programme set by the governing board, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board, for TCM physicians in Singapore to strengthen their professional knowledge and practice standards.


In yourTCM, we have created yourCPE, an easy and informative platform for TCM physicians to use in the search for the most suitable TCM CPE courses to attend. 

What is TCM CPE?

yourCPE features

Search and browse for CPE events

In yourTCM portal, you will be able to search for TCM CPE events via our list of TCM CPE courses provided by certified TCM CPE providers in Singapore. Through this platform, one can even compare different courses, prices and locations to suit your preferences!

Register and make payment

No time to travel to the TCM CPE providers' institution to pay? No cheque book? Fret not! In yourTCM, if TCM CPE providers decide to use online payment system, you will be able to register directly and pay online right here! All with just a click of a button!

So do not wait anymore! Subscribe to us now and you will receive email notifications on any new and upcoming TCM CPE courses. Be the first to get notified and register before it is sold out!

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What are you waiting for?

Wait! Did you know you can claim money for your TCM CPE lessons from TCM Development Grant?   

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