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Mrs Yu-Foo stepping down as Chairperson of TCMPB Singapore, ex-MP Teo Ho Pin to take over.

(Left to right) Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, Outgoing TCMPB Chairperson Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Incoming TCMPB Chairperson Dr Teo Ho Pin (Source: Zaobao SG)

Health Minister, Mr Ong Ye Kung, announced during the inauguration of the 47th Council of Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association (SCPA), that Ex-MP Dr Teo Ho Pin will be taking over as Chairperson of TCM Practitioners Board from Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon in March 2023.

In March 2019, under Mrs Yu-Foo’s guidance, TCMPB convened a committee to review the TCM landscape in Singapore. The committee held four town hall sessions and five focus group discussions, consulting and taking in views of many TCM Physicians. There were many recommendations raised based on five focus areas, namely: TCM practice, TCM education, employability and career prospects, TCM research, and medico-legal issues to forward TCM development in Singapore.

Mrs Yu-Foo also set up two new sub-committees to raise the standards of TCM education and TCM practice. To facilitate the provision of high quality TCM undergraduate education for TCM practitioners, she appointed the Accreditation Committee in 2019 to review and set minimum standards for TCM undergraduate course curriculum, and to carry out assessments and evaluations of TCM CPE courses.

About Dr Teo Ho Pin

Dr Teo entered politics in 1996, and served as a Member of Parliament for close to 24 years. During his time in politics, he also served as the Mayor of North West District, and the chairperson of various Government Parliamentary Committees, including those for National Development, Environment and Water Resources, Home Affairs, and Law.

Dr Teo is also a patron to many clan associations, voluntary welfare organisations and Chinese temples. Mr Ong believed he will be a great asset in engaging with the TCM community, working together with TCM organisation to further strengthen the TCM ecosystem in Singapore.

Role of TCM in “Healthier SG” strategy

Mr Ong Ye Kung also called upon all TCM Physicians to work with Ministry of Health (MOH) to advance the Healthier SG initiative.

Healthier SG is a significant and transformative national healthcare strategy which requires many stakeholders and community partners to work together to support our residents’ needs. TCM has an important complementary role in our healthcare system, as TCM focuses on preventive care, rather than treating illnesses. Although, much still needs to be done to improve the overall standards of care delivery. MOH will continue to explore how TCM can contribute to the Healthier SG initiative, to better the health of all in Singapore.




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