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What is Eczema?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Eczema is a chronic skin disease that manifests itself in a variety of forms. The symptoms may vary from being mild to being extremely severe. Eczema is common skin condition for children. In some cases as the child ages, the symptoms may be alleviated or even completely resolved. However, others may have the condition throughout their later lives.

Eczema patients may experience constant or intermittent dry skin, itching or rashes. When the condition worsens, we call it "inflammation episode"; Inflammation is more common in dry weather, but may also occur in different climates.

The cause of eczema is currently still unclear. Genetics, internal pathological factors and environmental factors may be one of the triggers. Children with eczema may also have asthma or allergies (such as hay fever).

Signs and symptoms of eczema

The signs and symptoms of eczema may vary depending on the severity of the condition.

The signs and symptoms of eczema include: Itchy skin, dry skin, rashes, thickened skin, redness and swelling. Symptoms may seem worse if patient has lack of sleep. Due to the itchiness, the patient may tend to scratch the affected areas which will ultimately cause the

skin tone to change. As the condition worsens, the affected area may experience fluid drainage and blistered skin.

Eczema is now a common skin disease that affects many and its causes are very complicated. In order to treat eczema, one must first understand the cause, so prevent it from recurring.

First: living habits

Most people suffer from eczema due to poor living habits. Minimize direct contact with daily products that has high chemical content. Bathe regularly at a water temperature that is suitable for you.

Second: allergies

Allergies are also a common contributing factor. There are many different types of allergies ranging from dust, pollen, cosmetic products and food allergies such as seafood, peanuts, etc. It is strongly encouraged for patients to have a skin prick test to understand their allergic reactions.

Third: dry skin

Excessive exposure to the sun as well as hot and humid weather can also cause the aggravation of eczema.

Fourth: Others

In some instances, Eczema may be triggered by extreme stress, nervousness, insomnia, hormonal changes and body metabolism disorder. Eczema caused by these factors is usually temporary, and can be cured quickly if it is treated.


Article by Lau Kiew Teck Stephen

Physician Lau graduated from Singapore College of Chinese Medicine in 1977. With 40 years of knowledge and experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physician Lau has great achievements in the field of Chinese Medicine research as well as a detailed understanding on the practice and applications of acupuncture and moxibustion, including Auricular, Tongue, Eye, Scalp, Abdomen and Umbilical acupuncture. He is currently the Senior TCM Consultant Physician and his area of focus lies in Pain Management, Women’s and Men’s Health & Fertility, Elderly Wellness Management, Paediatrics and Skin Disorders.


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